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We provide piano tuning, repairs and restoration to the public and trade across Wiltshire and beyond. We can restore your piano no matter where you are in the UK, using experienced piano movers to look after your piano in transit. 

We are happy to take on any level of work, from minor repairs to full restorations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


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We love what we do...

It is no secret that we love working on your piano. We see it not only as a business, but as a way to fuel our love of pianos. We get just as excited about the end result as you do! 

Whether its minor repairs or a major restoration, we are  more than happy to share our journey with you. Would you like to pop in to see the progress on your pride and joy? Let us know so we can arrange a visit! 

We also like to send regular updates and photos of the work and progress of your piano, so you can feel reassured that it's being taken care of. Whether a concert grand or an inherited upright needing some TLC, we welcome all pianos here. 

We are also happy to work with whatever budgets you might have in mind. Many restorers go with an 'all or nothing' sort of approach, however we have found this isn't always necessary. This results in a win-win for everyone: a cheaper bill than you might have previously expected, and a quicker turn around for us. 

Please contact to discuss, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website :)

In the Trade?

Are you in the piano trade?

We offer trade rates to people in the industry, and as mentioned above, we can work to your budgets. Pre-sellable pianos take up a lot of precious shop/workshop floor space, so let us inherit your loss of space. Pianos can be restored here, regulated, tuned, and then sent back to your shop floor ready for a price tag. Why not speed up the process further, and have your technicians work on the action and keys, while we're dealing with other internal work such as wrest planks and re-stringing? We are more than happy to share the workload!

Master Polisher Alistair Long is just a stones throw from our workshop. We work together closely on projects to ensure efficiency between internal and external work (check out This means that absolutely everything can be done here: One drop-off. One collection. Piano movers can also be arranged, if required.

We are very flexible and will work to your schedules as best we can.   

Please contact to discuss, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website :)


Piano Tuning

Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, I have developed a unique process of piano tuning.

There are a lot of discussions in the piano trade with using an ETD (electronic tuning device) vs traditional (tuning entirely by ear, where a scale is built from the reference of one starting note). There are pros and cons to both, so I thought why not just cherry pick all the pros from both sides? This allows my developed techniques to get the absolute most out of any piano.

The odd sticking note and unwanted clunk comes with the territory with owning a piano, unfortunately, so I include such minor repairs within my tuning fee.

I have saved many 'un-saveable' pianos over the years, so please get in touch if you have been told your piano is un-tuneable or beyond repair  - it may not be the case.

Please contact to discuss, and thank you for taking the time to visit our website :)


Ben Turner, Axe and Trap Studios

Pianists have been loving it since you have done all of the work. It's become a real asset to the studio


Unit 31, 

Deverill Road Trading Estate

Sutton Veny


BA12 7BZ


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